Friday, April 3, 2009

What does a new writer want to know most about screenwriting?

I'm currently researching for material to use on my next series of blogs, and I've decided that the best advice would come directly from those who are new to, yet passionate about, screenwriting and are in need of guidance from experienced writers.

Time for crowd participation!

So, when you're searching the net for valuable information, or reading an article or blog for assistance, what would you like to see more of, what would you like to learn in more depth and what information on screenwriting can you simply not find anywhere but desperately need to know?

When I was a young whippersnapper like yourselves, I was mostly interested in the technical aspect; what's the format? Why do we format? How do we format? The story structure and mechanics had been pounded into my brain during Kentucky's Writing Portfolio program for elementary schools, statewide, and I had a tough little teacher who really pushed me past the limit EVERY DAY to get that story polished and refined. I owe my writing knowlege and success to her for that very reason.

Now I'm asking you, my young grasshopper readers, to let me know just exactly what you'd like to have some insight and assistance on. Tell me all of your problems and anything (ANYTHING!) about screenwriting that you don't understand or feel that you could understand better. And-- do not tell yourself that your question isn't good enough or serious enough. Yes, if you have a question, then it is a good question because if you don't understand something, you need answers and explanations.

So c'mon folks, give me some ideas for blog material! Let me know what you need to know!

Post your questions here in the comments on THIS blog entry or, if you don't want anyone to see/read your question, email it to me at Make sure you put something about the blog in the subject line-- I get way too much junk mail and I might accidentally look over it. I won't post any names or tell who asked what, unless you want me to, but I will go above and beyond to explore all possible reasoning to answer your question. I vow no black and white answers, no simple yes and no responses, but rather a deeply explorative explanation that will erase all confusion from your overwhelmed mind.

Afterall, that's why I started this blog!

Now get those questions coming! And don't worry about expiration dates, if one year from now, you have a question, send it to me!